Current websites information architecture (IA) was disruptive. Needed better flow and navigation.

Similar content lived in multiple places and required consolidation.

Current website was due for a modern update (10 years old).

The mobile platform was built separate from the website. Upgrade would be responsive to all devices.


The mission was to simplify the website so that the users wouldn't require customer service to complete any given task.

Our team interviewed customers, the sales team, and worked with internal stakeholders (Account Rep., Client, PDM).

This included Journey mapping activities for the internal stakeholders.

"...I would argue that absolutely nothing would take priority over sales"

"We should not only focus on prospects, we have big market share- we need to focus on retaining our customers"

"The problem is you have to navigate manually [search] to get the good info on the website"

"We need to stop being our father's and grandfather's insurance"

"...goal is for people to complete their task without needing to contact customer support"


  • Create the path for least resistance and make content easily accessible.

  • Remove the clutter to let visitors acknowledge the primary action we want them to take.

  • Take the first step towards personalization by encouraging visitors to self select their audience group.

  • Visitors may not be ready to convert, so we will address customers at different stages of the funnel.

  • Imagery and visuals will reflect who Aetna is and resonate with a younger audience.

  • Remove the noise that is not relevant to members by creating an experience that addresses their unique needs.

Our timeline = 6 months to complete



Created two responsive concepts.

One utilizing a carousel and consisting of a floating menu above imagery.

Final visuals: Carousel

(Web browser)



Final visuals: Table

(Web browser)




Constructed and used an Axure prototype in narrated usability testing.

Testing was formed around our original pain points along with our high priority tasks such as logging in and picking a plan.

Conducted only 1 cycle of feedback and changes within our 6 month timeline.


Created and provided documentation

Provided development support until released to client