In-vehicle video surveillance solution

The mission was to fill the gap in the Motorola Solutions video devices portfolio by exploring new in-vehicle systems while keeping the end-to-end experience well integrated with the existing infrastructure.

Planning and actions

  • Research: Understand user needs, current pain points, standard in-vehicle guidelines, and competition.

  • Create optimal content hierarchy and prove interface is simplified enough to be used in high-velocity environments.

  • Integrate into todays portfolio by contextual activation (devices collaborate with each).

  • The end-to-end experience is seamless. This includes the out-of-box provisioning process, the evidence upload, the admins maintenance, and the overall media management.

  • This is not a one-off interface. The mission was to design for 40 years from now. Create a modular interface that will grow to accept new features and capabilities.

Our timeline = 1 quarter (3 months)



Created two responsive concepts.

One utilizing a carousel and consisting of a floating menu above imagery.

Final visuals: Carousel

(Web browser)



Final visuals: Table

(Web browser)




Constructed and used an Axure prototype in narrated usability testing.

Testing was formed around our original pain points along with our high priority tasks such as logging in and picking a plan.

Conducted only 1 cycle of feedback and changes within our 6 month timeline.


Created and provided documentation

Provided development support until released to client