Lastly, to assist the theme of sharing I designed a dual shot. Some may know this concept as a ski shot. During Friendsgiving a Captain Morgan 'Buy one, Get one' special exclusive to the dual shot will convince consumers to partake in taking shots of Captain product aside their other consumers. This brings the consumers together to build relationships or create them!

To design a tasting mat that would be used by specialists while educating their accounts (bars) on an array of Captain Morgan products.

This tasting mat was apart of a series  that was split amongst my team (Oct, Nov, and Dec). I was assigned "Friendsgiving" for the F18 campaign.

This Friendsgiving campaign was all about pairs and bringing consumers together. On behalf of the specialist, pairing during education existed with the Captain's shot line. The account being informed would have the opportunity to taste a shot and then make a shot personalized to discover potential new mixes for the accounts menu.

On the reverse side was the current months noted cocktails using the Morgan Mule. These would vary each month using the new themes.

Buy one, Get one! Encourage the friendsgiving spirit by forcing social engagement.