To design a line of products that could be used within accounts (bars) to influence the consumption and following of the Captain Morgan line.

Buy one, Get one! Encourage the friendsgiving spirit by forcing social engagement and pushing the November promotion.

Captain's mission is to push their shot line and create a following of consumers who prefer their products.


To do so, accounts (bars) will run promotions such as the one on the left where a beer will be paired with a shot. This may consist of a drop shot that will be consumed within the beer.

Moscow Mule group serve will be purchased to influence the "Friendsgiving" spirit as the consumers table receives a personal vessel containing lime infused Moscow Mule mix to share amongst each other.

Moscow Mule's premium glass gives a bit of character to the consumers cocktail to create conversation and bring attention to the drink.

It came to my attention that account specialists prefer receiving custom branded accessories that can be used while educating their various account locations. For this reason I implemented the Captain's sword into a stir spoon.

The Captain's shot line bottles seem to be the least ergonomic form for strategically pouring shots. Account workers tend to dislike and avoid the product. To solve this, I've introduced a shot dispenser specific to the Captain Morgan products. The dispenser will pour a consistent perfect shot and remove the pain point of maneuvering this bottle while pouring.