To create a campaign to represent the collaboration between Delta, Aeromexico, and the US Mexico soccer team. A larger then life inflatable carry-on bag was constructed to house an interactive and experiential display of technology. The bag utilized projection mapping for walls and props within the bag. Users would find an interactive soccer game, a large cellphone to explore the team, an oversized jersey as a side prop, a large flight ticket, and lastly a photo opportunity to share the wild experience.

The Exterior

Envisioned and brought to life.

Projection mapping

Delta inspired soccer game. Users would interact with the projection mapped walls. The user kicks soccer balls to different locations to win prizes.

Photo Op

To further the outreach, photo ops would let the user apply unique filters related to the US Mexico soccer team. It would then imply the user adds them to their social media.


A large flight ticket was produced as a prop within the bag. Users who won the digital soccer game would take photos with the oversized ticket to share that they just won a free trip.