In-vehicle video surveillance solution

The mission was to fill the gap in the Motorola Solutions video devices portfolio by exploring new in-vehicle systems.


Adding vehicle surveillance to the existing ecosystem allowing a seamless collaboration between devices and users.


Lead UX designer on this project. This provided an opportunity to research and design an in-vehicle interface. Allowing me to better understand the intricacies and hierarchy of information while a user is operating a vehicle in high velocity environments. I collaborated with our human factors team to acquire insights that would optimize my designs for this solution along with extensive research into current automotive interfaces such as Android Auto.

In-vehicle system

This is a multiple camera and interface solution.


Human Centered Design was a large factor with this critical project.

Utilized customer interviews, data driven design, and current market trends.

Key design factors

High velocity interface usage. Customer will be using this while driving their vehicle.

Button placement lines edge of screen so the user can hold monitor and press key buttons.

Touch targets are enlarged to meet human factors standard for glove use in a vehicle.


Standard home screen

Recording started

Tap screen for options


Tap screen for options

Final Visuals

Standard home screen

Full screen

Media list - High priority notification

Recording started

Tap screen for options

Review and tag media screen