Inspira Give Back to School

Working with an assortment of co-workers throughout Inspira, We created an activation that will result in the donation of school supplies to a local elementary school. Being the only member from the creative department on the team it was my task to put together all art directed materials such as flyers, social media posts, day of event signage, and collection bins. I worked with multiple vendors to produce all the physical materials required to make this activation succeed.

The flyer would be used for both digital and physical. We would forward this material to agency clients and locations around Norwalk, CT.

Designed from scratch, the collection bin had to meet a variety of standards in order to work with our budget. While still providing the essential needs the box was designed to attract people passing by.

jared knapp

I worked with vendors to design a template for production and pushed my creative through an approval process.

Social media posts were essential to reaching the public. Above is our event cover photo as well a Facebook post used to inform the public of our cause and request.

Below is a handful of Instagram posts we would use to remind the public over a course of time. After creating a schedule for post dates, I designed specific visuals to match the scheduled needs.

For the event day we wanted an interactive way to advertise our accomplishments with the kids we helped prepare for school. To do this I worked with a vendor in Chicago to produce a backdrop that would fit a frame the agency already owned.

jared knapp