Johnnie Walker Glassware

To design glassware that could be distributed amongst accounts (bars) and provide an innovative experience for the consumer who ordered a glass or mix of the Johnnie Walker line.

​The mission was to create a premium feel for the consumer within the account to attract more consumption and following of the Johnnie Walker products.

​The consumer would hold glassware that creates a feeling of power, success, and class. This is an experience that would grow a following as the consumer and their peers witness Johnnie Walker's superiority to its competitors.

Began with a very conceptual option. I wanted to express the true possibility to expand the brands premium feel into a modernized appearance while still holding onto older aspects such as the rivets from a wooden barrel used in production.

Another option in the beginning stages was the bottle glass. quite literally taking aspects from their brand and implementing them into this glass. I then added a scotch rock coaster that could be cooled prior to the serve which allows the product to stand on a pedestal  above competitor brands while on the bar top.

Next, I took a step back on the glasswares form to a more original whiskey/scotch glass. I did this while pulling a modern duo tone look and feel.

As an option I explored the possibility of different materials to implement into this style.

An important characteristic to the client was the ability to really see their product while consumers enjoy the experience. This was discovered through my first design with the glass honeycomb bottom. For that reason I provided a window into the glass while continuing the slanted theme pulled from their branding.

I was also requested to provide an option to allow more efficient storage within the accounts. I implemented drafted walls allowing the stacking of the glassware.

Next was an option that cut down on overall price of production. Holding most of the developed characteristics, I simplified the glass by using a matte black layer above the simplistic yet efficient glass form. This could be acquired with a more simple production process.