Product Planters Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. An overarching theme that has transformed the evolution of design to steer in a direction of positive change. Using Planters original peanut jar design, I found inspiration in altering its original form to produce a container that would influence the user to reuse it as a sealable bowl that could serve a number of purposes. The campaign would include a removable label that will tell the tale of recycling the Planters products. By allowing the consumer to remove the label, the bowl will more likely succeed in finding purposes after its life storing the original product.

Original Form Factor
New Form Factor
Label insists on being removed to allow user to reuse product by sacraficing branding, Planters can help reduce waste.

New Purpose: The goal is to create purpose for the product in its afterlife. To provide the consumer with an item that can serve a new purpose rather then being thrown away and wasted.

Economic Shipping and Storage: The form was developed with many factors to take into consideration. Creating a product that would store efficiently for transportation and shelf life was a necessity.

At Home Storage: A large factor to consider was the users want to keep a product. Since it's common to throw similar items out, the smallest deterrent can cause the consumer to trash the product. If the product doesn't store well at home the user won't allow a chance to find new purpose and will proceed to throw it out.

Testing: Utilizing 3D printing to rapid prototype and test size and fitting

Final product with label.